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BLS Certification Course

Basic life support is the most common level of medical care and is often a basic requirement for healthcare providers, hospital employees and in some types of non-healthcare related jobs. In addition to medical providers, others who may be interested in BLS training are: teachers, coachers, lifeguards, day care workers, senior caregivers, social workers and parents.

Our BLS certification course is offered completely online and is an ideal option for individuals who have busy work schedules and can’t attend in-person classes. The course and exam are available 24-hours a day, no prior scheduling is required. We receive a lot of questions from individuals asking what the difference between CPR and BLS is and which course they are required to take. BLS is a higher level of training than CPR and will cover areas that are out of the scope of just general cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Examples of these topics are: team dynamics, in-hospital procedures and administering oxygen. If you are unsure of which course you are required to take, we always recommend the BLS course. It is better to be over prepared than under prepared.

The BLS certification course and learning materials offered by Nationwide Health Training were created by medical professionals using current emergency cardiac care guidelines as set forth by the American Heart Association. BLS course topics include: single person and team rescuer basic life support skills, high quality CPR, team dynamics, condition based algorithms and in & out of hospital rescue protocol.

The AHA releases the ECC guideline changes every five years, in which time, all Nationwide Health Training courses are reviewed and updated. The BLS guidelines were last changed in 2015 and will not be updated again until 2020. Our BLS course reflects the 2015 changes.

Notable updates to the Basic Life Support guidelines were:

  1. Additional opioid overdose training
  2. The administration of Naloxone by trained BLS providers is approved in patients with suspected opioid ingestion.
  3. Change to spinal immobilization techniques

*The aforementioned changes will be covered in more detail within our course materials and are just a snippet of the actual update. It is not meant to be used for the treatment of cardiac emergency victims

Enroll in Our Online BLS Class Today

 Once you enroll for our BLS class, you will receive an email confirmation along with your login information. You will have immediate access to your BLS study manual and exam. Although there is no mandatory hour requirement for the course, we do not recommend that you attempt to take the exam prior to completely understanding the BLS materials. Our BLS course will include everything all the tools needed to pass the exam, but will not be able for use during the exam. Our fast online course can generally be completed within 60-90 minutes depending on your skill level.

The certification exam is multiple choice and is completed online. The exam can be completed from any device but we recommend the use of a laptop or desktop computer for the exam. In order to receive your basic life support certification, an exam score of 80% or higher is required. You will have to exam retakes if you are unable to receive a passing score on the first attempt. If you do not receive a score of 80%, we strongly advise you to thoroughly review the study materials. It is important that before you receive your BLS certification, you have a strong understanding of the life saving techniques taught in the course.

Once you have passed the BLS exam, your digital BLS certification card will be emailed to you. This is only a temporary card for the use until your hard copy arrives in the mail. Please allow 5-7 business days for the arrival of the hard copy of your provider card. If you need the permanent card sooner, we offer expedited shipping for an additional cost.

BLS Renewal Course

 BLS certification, like most medical certifications, is valid for two years. In order to current with advances in the medical algorithms used to provide basic life support, BLS renewal is required every two years. We recommend renewing your certification at least 15 days’ prior expiration date in order to remain compliant with your employer. Our BLS renewal course follows the same class procedure as our initial certification course

Please note we do not provide BLS recertification cards without a passing score on the renewal exam even if you have previously passed the initial BLS certification test. BLS replacement cards are only given to individuals who have lost their cards and will include the original date of certification. Replacement cards can only be ordered if you took the course through Nationwide Health Training. We do not replace cards from other organizations. Replacement cards that are ordered by anyone who has not passed an exam through our organization will be immediately refunded and a card will not be sent out.

If you have any questions about our BLS certification class, please fill out our online service form on our Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you.