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Diet & Exercise Tips for a Healthy Body

All of us want to be in great shape, but with so many health tips and hints that are shown on social media, it is really hard to know what we actually should do. That is why you need to believe in human sciences rather than hypotheses that people bring up every day. According to healthcare specialis..

Heart Diseases Prevention with Healthy Food Habits

Despite the dramatic decline of the cases reported, heart diseases still remain as the leading cause of death in many countries of the world. Even after much effort to treat these conditions using many pharmaceutical drugs, doctors have still been unable to reverse the condition without the help of..

Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Importance of CPR

Cardiac arrest is a term that defines the abrupt loss of cardiac functions. This may occur in people with or without a history of previous heart diseases. Even though many confuse the term “sudden cardiac arrest” with “heart attacks”, it is important to know that they are two different terms. Howeve..

Causes of Obesity and Overweight in Children

Obesity was once a condition related to adulthood. But, since the last few decades, this has become a great concern in children as well. Childhood obesity has now caused an epidemic in developed countries while affecting the developing countries in the same manner. Even though obesity is known as be..

How To Improve Cardiovascular Care

Cardiovascular Diseases falls among the top death causing diseases in the world. Our current technology has made it quite surprising to access this deadly disease. This is the main reason why Online CPR training is one of the critical factors that needs to be catered for in the whole world. To preve..

Importance Of Exploring The Extent Of Knowledge of CPR Skills

Having CPR Skills has become one of the vital skills that everyone needs to have in this current generation. This is attributed to the numerous health benefits that have been accrued to someone having the online CPR/AED Knowledge. Having the basic skills to perform CPR Plays a critical role in givin..

Chance of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes and Importance of CPR

When we live an active life we surely expect to dodge the illnesses that are associated with unhealthy living. We do not expect to experience illness but we are seeing many a young athlete collapse from cardiac arrest and the question that begs to be asked is why does this happen? There are underlyi..

Importance of CPR Training in School

Once our kids are old enough to go to school we start fearing for their safety the minute they are not in our care. This includes when they go to school. We know that there are teachers to supervise them but we also know that accidents happen and they could be fatal. If we require teachers to have C..

Obesity Rates & Trends in United States & Importance of CPR Certification Courses

Statistics show that an enormous 68.8% of Americans are considered overweight with 35.7% being obese and 6.3% extremely obese. The reason that this is so shocking is that excess fat in the body lead to complications and illnesses such as gout, osteoarthritis, gallstones and gallbladder disease, some..

Cardiac Arrest: What Everyone Should Know! & How CPR Certified Professional Can Help in Cardiac Arrest

The stats about Americans (and the globe) and obesity is a clear indication that deaths due to cardiac arrest and stroke is set to rise in the coming years. The simple fact of it is that people love eating and this without getting enough exercise to take care of the excess. Cardiovascular disease ac..