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Certification / Recertification



Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Are Your Courses Nationally Accepted?

    Answer: Yes, our classes were designed by a nationally trained AHA instructor. Our classes follow all the latest AHA and ECC guidelines and are accredited nationally. Please check with your organization or work place to ensure classes fulfill their requirements.

  • 2. What Happens If I Don’t Pass The Test At The End Of The Course?

    Answer: You’ll be able to take the test as many times as needed to pass the test and receive your certification with no additional charges.

  • 3. What Kind Of Questions Are On The Test?

    Answer: the test consist of 25 questions true/fasle and multiple choice questions that are convered in the online training program.

  • 4. How Long Is My Certification Training Good For?

    Answer: All of our online certification training programs are good for 2 years from date of issue.

  • 5. What Are The Cost Of Your Online Training?

    Answer: Our online course cost as follows $19.95 for the CPR/AED training and the combo course which includes CPR/AED and First Aid for $32.95.

  • 5. Do I Have To Finish A Course Program In One Sitting?

    Answer: No you don’t, you will have 90 days to pass any of our programs at your own pace. Just remember to go to your mail and click on the manual or test link for the class.

  • 7. Is There Hands On Requirement Test For Certification?

    Answer: No, our step by step online video demostrations will allow you to practice at your own pace and build the skills to perform cpr and first aid training. Just click on the video section to watch the videos.

  • 8. When Will I Receive My Certification Wallet Card?

    Answer: Once you pass the certification test you will be able to print it out on your printer immediately. Then you will receive your hard copy wallet card in 3-4 business days at no additional cost to you.

  • 9. How Long Do The Classes Take?

    Answer: It’s up to the individual, everybody learns at different rate so this program you can learn at your own pace. Most individuals take about 30 minutes to go through the manual/test and watch the videos

  • 10. I Can’t Log On Or I’m Having Problems.

    Answer:Please Call or Email us on the Contact Page.